Why Your Brand Name Items Are A Waste Of Money

I would like to think that as time goes by, more people would start catching on to the fact that it doesn’t matter what brand name of clothing you have on or how much you paid for those “Beats” headphones. Stores sell us these overpriced brand name items that are manufactured for pennies on the […]

Is a Worthless Degree Your Fault?

Is it your fault?   I’ve noticed a lot of people in outrage lately as their student loans are coming due. They are unable to pay them back because the jobs they are working out of college do not reflect the importance and the pay scale they had imagined while still in school. A huge […]

The Top 5 Things You Should Cut Out Of Your Life Right Now

The Top 5 Things You Should Cut Out Of Your Life Right Now

Right now, you probably have a few things to cut out of your life. We buy things we can’t afford, work extra hours and shifts to pay for them, and end up unable to really enjoy them. We let people linger around in our lives that should have been exiled years ago. People work at […]

Who is The Simple Bachelor?

Welcome! By fate of the winds somehow you've stumbled upon my site. My name is Patrick and I'm a 26 year old guy born and raised in New York City. The location is important because that brings me to my next point: why I started this blog/ affiliate store/ website thing I have going here. […]