What To Do After High School When You Have No Idea What To Do

If you have just graduated High School you probably have a few questions about what is next. Some of you may already have a college and a major picked out, others may have no plan at all. The good news is, as long as nothing is paid for yet you are still in good shape. […]

How To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have a lot on your plate in life right now, and want to start cutting out all of the crap. This post will go over the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle and how you can start making the right changes. The idea […]

Don’t Help People Who Won’t Help Themselves

One of the most frustrating things a lot of us come across in life is resistance when we try to lend a genuine helping hand. This normally comes from people who won’t help themselves. We’ve all been in a situation where we know someone who is displaying self-destructive tendencies. They continue down the same path […]

Spartan Living for the Modern Minimalist

Are you capable of spartan living?     A while back I started learning how to live as frugally as possible. (Which is different from being cheap by the way.) It has become a way of life. When we hear the word “frugal” we tend to think of some middle-aged coupon-clipping housewife or a tightwad […]

What Actually Matters In Life

Are we focused on the wrong things?     If you were lying on your death-bed tomorrow, would you reassess your life and be happy with the pursuits you’ve had? Would you have felt that it was spent on what actually matters in life? Most people unfortunately, are not able to say this about the […]

Why You Should Pay Cash For Your Car

  Story time. I have finally freed myself from a huge financial burden known as the monthly car payment. Not long ago I found myself walking into the Chevrolet dealership to buy a used car for 5 grand, and found myself walking out with a 3 year car lease. I had felt the sweeping sensation […]

You are the company that you keep

Jim Rohn once said: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and he was right. Often times people will feel that they have been dealt a shitty hand in life and that it is not going the way they want it to. Have these people ever stopped to think […]

Worthless Degree Awareness Month

    For a while now I have been a listener of Aaron Clarey’s material, such as his blog and podcast. Today I would like to talk about worthless degree awareness month and how vital it is to perpetuate this message to today’s youth. In my recent post I spoke about how for many graduates, it […]

How Much Money Does A Bachelor Need To Live Off Of?

A bachelor who only has his own well being to look after has an infinite amount of flexibility and options when it comes to money. You can work as hard or as little as you want, any time you want, and any way you want. Think of it as a blank slate.  What will you […]

5 Ways To Be More Succinct

It appears to me that a lot of blogs and ESPECIALLY Youtubers can not seem to get to the fucking point. They will ramble on about everything but what the title of the video says. They are not succinct. This pisses off readers and people who come to YouTube looking to gain some nuggets of advice. […]