Minimalist Lifestyle Books

Here I have compiled a list of author’s, blogger’s and podcaster’s books I have read myself. My recommended minimalist lifestyle books have helped me a lot in my own life and I urge others reading my blog to check them out.



1. Bachelor Pad Economics

A great book that provides bachelors with solid life and financial advice. Perfect for anyone interested in a minimalist life.

Books for bachelors

2. Worthless: The Young Persons Indispensable Guide To Choosing The Right Major

Not every major is a good one. This book delves into which majors are in-demand, and which ones are a complete waste of time.

Books for bachelors

3. Reconnaissance Man

Don’t know what to do after High School? In this book Aaron discusses travel and figuring out who you are before jumping right into college. Every High Schooler needs to read this book.

4. The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey has been a financial coach for many years now. His advice is very to-the -point and doesn’t beat around the bush. Check out his book to avoid the common financial pitfalls many fall into.

books for bachelors

5. 100 No-Equipment Workouts

The perfect book for minimalist fitness. No more having to worry about gym membership fees and equipment. Get in shape using your body weight!

books for bachelors

6. The 4 Hour Work Week

Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan–there is no need to wait and every reason not to. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, or earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, The 4-Hour Workweek is the blueprint.

books for bachelors

7. Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

I purchased this book after watching their documentary on Netflix. The experience of learning about their philosophies came at a time in my life when I have been feeling very lost and empty, feeling that I need to make some major changes. The minimalist philosophy was exactly what I needed.

books for bachelors

8. Essential: Essays by the Minimalists

While many of these essays are available on The Minimalists blog, there is something meaningful about this reorganized delivery of them. There is a story and flow to the essays, which when read together is almost a narrative about the path to creating a more intentional life.

books for bachelors

9. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

This book’s ultimate message is that the worry and anxiety created by all of life’s challenges can be controlled. Not only that, worry is optional. If we wish to live with happiness, and peace of mind, we must first deal with worry before we tackle our problems.

Books for bachelors

10. The 48 Laws Of Power

This amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive book synthesizes the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and Carl Von Clausewitz with the historical legacies of statesmen, warriors, seducers, and con men throughout the ages.