I didn’t always think this way. I grew up in a relatively poor/middle class family in New York and just like you, believed all the conventional advice we are told growing up. I Thought that if I went to college after High School I could avoid being a screw up and have a “rewarding career.” It wasn’t until quite a few years later.. here in my late 20’s that I have started figuring things out.


I have watched many around me follow the old adages of going to college right away, no matter the cost. None bothered to research just what heap of crap they were getting themselves in to. I dodged a bullet by not taking out loans and going to college for a worthless degree and am thankful to be in the position I a today. I still feel as though one person is not enough. I started this blog to spread the unconventional truths we were not told growing up, and that I have found out the hard way through my own life experiences. I hope to provide young men like myself a road map to go by so they can avoid the common pitfalls life has to offer. Enjoy my blog, and share with any other young bachelors you know. You just might save them a great deal of time and misery.

Your Man – The Simple Bachelor