4 Things We Can All Appreciate Today

5 things we can all appreciate today

We have an astounding amount of things we should appreciate today. It’s easy to look back and feel bad about all that’s been happening around the world and of the social realities that we are currently facing.

We tend to dwell on the negative aspects of life, but I think it’s important for us to appreciate all the things that we do have and be grateful that we still have them. Gratitude is something we can all have more of and an important aspect of living life fully.

1. Wealth Of Knowledge

We live in an amazing period of time where so much knowledge is available to so many. You are reading this right now, and that means that you have access to the internet where you can learn just about anything for free.

With a small fee, you can have access to online courses to learn useful skills instead of going in debt to go to college or university. All that knowledge is out there and within your reach, only if you have the curiosity to search for them.

There are also public libraries where you have access to more books than you could ever read in your lifetime. Great works of literature and books on history, philosophy, science, and so on, that are not available on the internet, are all in your local library. Take advantage of them.

Last, don’t neglect the lessons of life. You cannot learn important life lessons by just reading about them. Oftentimes, experience is the greatest teacher that you can have. Instead of living blindly, live consciously with full awareness. You can choose to view your past failures with regret and self-pity, or as an experience to learn and grow from. The choice is yours.

2. Family And Friends

Assuming your family and friends are not completely toxic, take the time to appreciate all the times they’ve been there for you. If you don’t think much of them now, try to rekindle your relationship and find out new things about them.

If you feel that they have wronged you in any way, forgive them and try to understand them. It’s important to get out of your head once in a while to put your focus on other people instead of on yourself. Our social connections are one of our prime sources of happiness and they should not be neglected.

Other people are what actually matters in life. While material items will sometimes bring you temporary happiness, having a support network and social relationships will bring you long-term happiness.

Never discount how important other humans are. As the great Robert Greene said: “Do not build fortresses to protect yourself—isolation is dangerous.”

3. A Healthy, Functioning Body

If you can read this with your eyes, if you can walk, talk and are free from a serious illness or disability, then consider yourself blessed. You don’t realize how great you have it right now until you lose your body with age or accident.

You don’t realize the gift of health until you become sick and diseased. You don’t have to wait until any of those misfortunes happen. You can start to be grateful for having a healthy and functioning body right this moment.

You must take care of your body as well. It is the only one you have, and are going to get. Show your appreciation for it by working out and eating right. Oftentimes people ignore these two things and they end up paying for it in the long run.

They say your body is a temple right? Treat it like one. Drink water, don’t eat garbage, and work out consistently. Your body is one of the main things you should appreciate today.

Many people think of exercise as just being for weight loss but it does far more than that. It helps combat disease such as high blood pressure, depression, certain types of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

It boost certain brain chemicals which leaves you feeling happier and more relaxed than before (this is a very good thing!). Exercise boosts your energy, improves your sex life and helps you get a better sleep.

4. Opportunities

Our world is full of endless opportunities. It’s easy to overlook just how many choices and options we have in this world. When you limit yourself to what you’ve been taught and live the way society expects you to, you may not feel that way.

The catch is, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Without risk, you won’t gain much. Without breaking the routine, you will not change.

Don’t like your job? Find an alternative source of income. Don’t like where you live? Leave and find a better place. Don’t like your life? Learn about yourself and the world and make the change.

The truth is that we have more opportunities than those who live in third world countries and have more options and mobility than almost all human beings that have ever existed since the dawn of civilization.


Some of you may scoff at the very idea of living a life of gratitude, thinking that gratitude is for the weak who are without passion, or that it is antithetical to strive for greatness, but I can tell you right now that none of that is true. You can be grateful for the things that you have in your life and still be ambitious and realistic without succumbing to complacency.

By appreciating what you have, you bring in greater satisfaction to your life and may even lead you to set proper priorities.

One small thing you can do to practice gratitude is to just take couple of minutes every night before you go to bed to think about something or someone you are grateful for. It’s important not just to think and remember it, but to feel it through your body as you do this. Just give it a try for few weeks and see how you feel.

It’s okay to take some moment to appreciate the simple things in life. Your goals and troubles won’t go away, but you just might find more satisfaction and joy.

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12 Ways You Can Save Money and Stop Being Broke as a Joke

Can’t Save Money?

Do you check your bank balance and wonder where all the money goes? Does it feel like it all goes out as soon as it comes in and you just can’t save money?

If you are strapped for cash or are looking for ways to save more money, consider choosing a minimalistic lifestyle to maximize your potential. 

Follow the tips below to invest your limited resources on the one thing that matters most – your life.

1. Keep A Personal Financial Record

One way I got myself to stop leaking money was by keeping a record of my finances. Anyone can do this and it will help you keep track of where all your cash is going. 

To do this, get a notebook or a spreadsheet program, record and list all your expenses and income for each month (it’s much easier and efficient if you round everything to the nearest dollar.) 

At the end of the month, total up your income and expenses to see just how much you’re spending and saving. 

After tracking your finances for a while, you become conscious of your own spending habits. You’ll learn to restrain when necessary and save money.

2. Prioritize Experience Over Pleasure

It’s a simple concept: The money you invest in creating experience and value for yourself will stay with you for life. You will take that with you forever. 

Buying things for pleasure and status is shallow and will not last long. Good places to spend your money are in knowledge, skill, health, strength, business, and other ventures. 

Don’t be the fool spending money on vanity.

3. Buy For Use And Durability

A Rolex watch does the exact same thing that a cheaper watch does, so what’s the point of dishing out a large sum of cash for something that does the same simple job? 

Always think in terms of use and durability. Although you want to save money by not wasting it on luxuries, remember that buying something cheap isn’t always the best option. 

Cheap may save you money instantly, but will cost you in the long run when it starts to break down. Sometimes, you need to invest more for the quality and durability.

4. Do Not Buy Anything On Credit

Not to say that you shouldn’t use credit cards, building credit is still important. You should never buy anything with a credit card that you cannot pay off in full each month.

I personally have stopped buying things on credit aside from monthly bills. When I need something, I buy it when I have the money up front. The idea of enslaving myself with debt is so ridiculous. 

I can only shake my head when I hear about people getting a new television set they can barely afford, with monthly payments. They will never save money that way.

5. House And Vehicle

These are the two biggest money pits that most people have. Depending on your location and job, having a car might be something that is necessary. 

Pay cash for your car. I will say it again so it sticks with you, PAY CASH FOR YOUR CAR. A car payment should not be in your budget unless you have “fuck you” money. Owning a cash paid car will also allow you to purchase less insurance.

Home ownership, on the other hand, has long proven to be a scam. After witnessing what others put themselves through just to keep a home, I know I would always rent rather than be a mortgage slave.

Even when a house is “paid off” you will still pay rent on it. This is what is known as property taxes, and they never stop. It’s just another monthly expense but now you are tied to one location.

6. Do Calisthenics Instead Of Getting A Gym Membership

You can save money by canceling your gym membership for bodyweight training. With calisthenics, you don’t have to sign up for a long-term membership or need to commute. 

You can do all your workout at home with just basic equipment like a fitness mat and a pull-up bar which are cheap and easy to obtain.

Calisthenics isn’t likely to get you the same results as working out in a gym, but if you just want a decent workout that will also help with balance and flexibility (and with less chance of injuries) then calisthenics should be enough.

7. Avoid Drinking Things You Don’t Need

The only drink you really need is water. There is not much point in wasting money on other drinks and beverages. 

I will admit that I drink coffee. It has its uses and benefits when it comes tackling daily tasks. Many people underestimate the importance of sleep. They can find more time to it instead of looking for their fix of caffeine on a daily basis.

Soda is a can of liquid sugar. Nothing more needs to be said. 

Alcoholic drinks are also not necessary. I drink socially, but fully admit they are too expensive for the little to no value they provide. How much you decide to drink will vary depending on your lifestyle.

8. Cook Your Own Meals

Eating out can be convenient, but costly. I used to spend about $15-20 a day eating out for lunch or dinner. That’s around $600 a month. Learn to cook healthy meals for yourself and save money while doing it.

If you meal prep ahead of time, the savings can be enormous. I have gotten my weekly food bill to around $75 by eating chicken, beef, rice, microwave vegetables, etc. from the supermarket. 

If you are only feeding yourself, there are some pretty amazing hacks to cut your food bill in half. Resisting temptation to eat out is honestly the hardest part.

9. Stop Watching Television

You have better things to do than to be “entertained” in front of a screen. Stop throwing your money and time away on movies, television, video games, porn, and whatever else.

Cancel everything and get rid of them all. There are so many other things you could be doing with your life. Go see an old friend, read a nonfiction book, learn a new skill. Just stop wasting your damn time in front of the TV.

10. Limit Your Wardrobe

I recently wrote about how I got rid of half my stuff and a good chunk of that was clothing. I think all of us have entirely too much clothing.

Do you really need 5 winter coats? 12 pairs of jeans that look alike? 20+ dress shirts and shoes to match every outfit combination? 

The truth is, 99% of the time nobody gives a crap what you are wearing unless it’s for a job interview or a formal gathering. 

Stop being so vein and looking to find fulfillment in buying new articles of clothing. All you need is a few quality outfits you can mix and match.

11. Stop Over-Decorating Your Home

Accessorizing your home can quickly become a costly hobby. You buy a new sofa, but now the drapes have to match. You also probably need a few knick knacks to match those too. 

How about a few paintings? The bathroom is also looking a little bland…maybe some decorative soaps and towels will do the trick.

The truth is, many people put way too much time and money into making their homes look nice. Time and time again, the nicest apartments I have been to were minimalist in appearance. 

You can still decorate but don’t over-do it. Save yourself the space, time, and money involved with accessorizing your home by going for a simpler look.

12. Avoid The Education Scam

College is the biggest scam that is oppressing young people today. Anyone who is considering college should check out the student loan debt clock and see if they want to be part of that number. 

If you do attend college, be smart about the path you choose. Your dreams may seem set now, but they’ll pop like a bubble when reality hits. For all those who are starting to plan out their future, do your research first.

College is supposed to be an investment, not a crippling life sentence of debt and poor credit. Find out what degrees are in-demand and marketable. 

Go to a community college and forget about the “college experience.” College is nothing more than high school 2.0 and is an artificial environment.


Follow these 12 tips and you will start to see your bank account breathe a little. A spartan lifestyle is the path to save money for almost anyone.

Give as many of these as possible your best try. You’ll be surprised what a difference cutting unnecessary expenses and junk makes when it comes to your finances!

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Grubhub vs Postmates – Guest Post On Steves Income Streams

Grubhub vs Postmates

Check out my first guest post on Steves Income Streams! I discuss Grubhub vs Postmates as a side hustle. Steves Income Streams is a great blog for anyone looking for personal finance and income stream advice. Check out my post and Steve’s blog:

Grubhub vs Postmates as a Side Hustle

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Why You Should Throw Away Half Your Stuff



throw away half your stuff
Does this picture give you anxiety?

I used to be somewhat of a hoarder. I would buy more and more things I didn’t need in the first place and the crap would just keep piling up. Even some items I already had would be accompanied by a new or better version of it. These things would take up space, and cost a ton of money in total.

Does this sound like you?

Do you have a bunch of shit lying around that you rarely use anymore? Do you ever pick up an item you bought a few months back and wonder: “What the hell was I thinking? I never needed this?!” Well my friend….


This doesn’t only have to apply to material items lying around. Do you ever find yourself saying:

“Bills Bills Bills! I never have any money because I have all these bills to pay!”

Well bills are “stuff” too. Get rid of half your bills. Stop paying for the damn cable, get a cheaper cell phone plan, find ways to conserve electricity and water. STOP FINANCING APPLIANCES!

Throw 50% of your shit away

We live in a consumer world. There was a time long ago when humans were more focused on survival than acquiring pointless items. Well, thanks to technology we have abundance. This is a good thing because it has solved a lot of issues like hunger and shelter, but it has also caused us to be gluttons. We have all become a bunch of consumers trying to fill the holes in our lives with pointless crap.

Things we do not need.

How did things get this way? Constant advertisements. Jealousy of what others have and possess. The thought of “finally being happy” once we buy that shiny new itemBULLSHIT. 

You will never be happy being a mindless consumer. So how do you go about this if you have been one all your life? Heres how:

1) Go Through Everything You Own

Start going through your entire house and apartment now. Go through every single thing you own and ask yourself. “Have I used this thing in the past two years?”

This is called the two-year rule. 

If you haven’t used or touched this thing in two years, put it in the throw away pile. Think of it this way, if you really cared about it and it had use to you, would it sit there untouched for two years? Stop lying to yourself. You know you do not need it.

I understand that some items have value or long-term use. You’re not going to chuck the fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Use a little common sense and you will know what is worth holding on to. You don’t need all those old magazines. You don’t need those tee shirts you got at a concert 5 years ago. There is no reason to hold on to things you haven’t touched in two years. Don’t hold on to these “just in case.”

“In case” never comes.


2) De-Clutter Your Surroundings

I don’t know about you, but having a bunch of crap lying around annoys me. Do you feel like you have no room for things in your house/apartment anymore? When you throw away half your stuff there are added benefits:

You’ll have more space


You can downsize your living arrangement

Think about how nice it would be to stop worrying about the space in your house. No more tripping over garbage, no more “reorganizing” things, less spring cleaning. You even have the option to move somewhere smaller and cheaper when you own less. Evaluate your living space and picture if you would need one as large if you just got rid of all that crap you never touch.


3) Change Your Priorities

It’s very hard to save money when you have high bills every month. The conventional advice is to give up something small like the daily coffee and save up the $2.00 a day. Forget the 2.5-3 grand per month mortgage, just deny yourself a coffee and in 100 years you’ll be debt free!

This advice is silly, a morning coffee doesn’t mean anything. What matters is the huge monthly payments for your housing and your car. Those are the two biggest expenses for the average person. Cut those bills down and you can buy all the coffee and donuts you want.

You must live below your means.

That means giving up the high mortgage/rent and the high auto loan payment. Pay cash for your car and downgrade into an extremely affordable home. Get rid of luxuries and keep necessities.

You will never get ahead if you are in debt or if you have expensive bills every month. Get rid of the bills and get free. If you have high bills and/or heavy debt you are not free to do as you please. You must pay those bills and you must work hard to pay those bills.

If you have credit cards, make sure they are paid off in full each and every month. To help out with your credit score you can put a tank of gasoline or some grocery shopping on your credit card and pay it all off before the interest kicks in.



When you throw away half your stuff there are clearly a lot of benefits. You Don’t even necessarily have to throw away half, but at least try to get rid of as much as you can. You’ll feel much more organized and your living arrangement will feel spacious. You’ll have less to clean. You can make room for a new large purchase like a piece of furniture.

The best time to start is now. Start going through it all and apply the two (or one if you’re bold) year rule. Most of it is trash, material items. You will not miss or think about them when they are gone.

I know I didn’t.

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