How Much Money Does A Bachelor Need To Live Off Of?

How much does a bachelor need?

A bachelor who only has his own well being to look after has an infinite amount of flexibility and options when it comes to money. You can work as hard or as little as you want, any time you want, and any way you want. Think of it as a blank slate.  What will you fill this slate with to make your life your own?

A single guy does not need a large dwelling. Hell, I wouldn’t even say I need a bedroom. You could find a studio apartment and get a futon that doubles as a couch and a bed. You don’t need a bunch of decor, trinkets, housewares, etc. as mentioned in my recent post. All that’s needed is a functional spartan dwelling that isn’t a health hazard. No fucking McMansions or large homes to worry about here, just a basecamp.


Studio Apartment: $500-1000/month (depending on where you live)


When you think about it, do you really need cable every month with all the garbage they put on TV and lies you hear on the news? Most of this, if not better content is starting to arise online which you can access from the internet or smartphone you probably are already paying for. 


Internet: $30-40 a month


In this day and age a smartphone is a very valuable tool and essential for a lot of daily operations. With one pocket supercomputer, you can consolidate a Phone, web browser, GPS, music player, and camera all into one device. Many people will say you don’t need one and it is an unnecessary expense. These are the people that write such comments from their smartphone. With the advancement of technology happening so rapidly, phone companies are clawing over each other for or business by offering very affordable plans and deals. Half of the work I do on this site alone is done from my phone. You CAN do without a phone but for the cost, are losing out on a very versatile device.


Cell Phone Bill: $40-80 / month


You don’t need an expensive car, just something that starts up and drives. You get a “an indestructible Jap-economy shitbox”  to quote John Goodman. No one cares what you are driving, but you sure as fuck care about how much it costs you every month. At most someone else will envy you for a little or even outright not like you for showing off. It’s not worth the monthly bill or the insurance on a new car. Pay cash or don’t bother.


Jap-economy Shitbox: $1000-2000

Not having a monthly car payment: Priceless  


One thing I’ve learned that will make you real broke real quick is eating out all the time. Most food at restaurants is garbage and overpriced. You are paying a lot extra for all that service,convenience, and experience. 

This is why I only ever use eating out as an occasional way to socialize. I never go to restaurants on my own or get overpriced shitty fast food. Get what you need for the week from a supermarket or wholesale store and find things that are inexpensive like rice, meat, potatoes, vegetables. Your body will thank you for putting more real food into it.


Weekly Food Bill: $50-70


Finally, every man needs a way to stay healthy and in shape through working out. Having a home gym with racks, barbells, weights, etc. is not always practical. Therefore, you may need to outsource this to a gym. The good news is, gyms are becoming increasingly affordable and offer a lot in the way of equipment. Retro Fitness is one chain gym I have used myself and my monthly membership cost about $20 a month. You’re in even better shape if you do a body weight routine. Buy a $20 pull up bar, or find a park with workout areas or bars you can use.


Fitness Cost: Free-$20 / month


Bachelor Grand Total: $1420 / Month


To put that into perspective – that amounts to approximately $355 a week. A minimum wage job making $10/hour for 40 hours a week would provide you enough to cover these costs. So how is it that we end up making way more than that and still end up in debt?

The answer is plain and simple: Unnecessary shit. Re-evaluate every thing you own and everything you plan to buy from this day forward. Is it going to make you happy to buy that fancy car? Is a Rolex going to change your life? Do all the new gadgets and distractions being put out by large companies need to be bought? Or….is knowing you can afford everything you need and not owe anyone SHIT more important? I think we know the answer to that.

Until next time – The Simple Bachelor

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  1. Where in NYC are you finding a gem of a studio for $1000??? I’d love to get in on that one! Lol. I think I’m at around $1300-1400 a month, eating out few times a week, and living in a rent controlled 2 bedroom with a roommate.

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