Why Your Brand Name Items Are A Waste Of Money

I would like to think that as time goes by, more people would start catching on to the fact that it doesn’t matter what brand name of clothing you have on or how much you paid for those “Beats” headphones. Stores sell us these overpriced brand name items that are manufactured for pennies on the dollar and sold back to us as some sort of status symbol.

The fact of the matter is, NO ONE CARES what you are wearing or what company your gadgets or accessories came from. Most people are too worried about themselves or their own lives to worry about these trivial things. We are told by media companies and advertisements that if we buy “their” brand of product, people will like us better.

What a load of bullshit. Not once in all my years, has the brand of an item or the price I paid EVER made a difference to other people. Only stupidly to myself. What does this illusion cause people to do? Screw themselves over.

It coerces people into paying exorbitant prices for something they couldn’t afford in the first place, all on the idea that they will project a certain image once they obtain it and show it off. If you are filthy rich or have “fuck you” money then by all means, buy the overpriced crap. Conversely, if you are worried about the next cell phone bill being late or wondering how you are going to eat you probably should be overhauling your priorities.

Don’t allow yourself to be sucked in by the false song of advertisements and status. You’re going to make yourself poor, miserable, and fail to achieve whatever you thought was going to happen after buying it. Novelty does in fact wear off rather quickly and buyers remorse is very real.

I have been there before. I have bought expensive shoes, sunglasses, electronics, even cars, and ya know what? None of those things made the slightest difference in my happiness. Stop thinking that you need these things, you don’t.

What will indefinitely make you happier is all free. The company of friends and loved ones, a hike with your best friends, playing  fetch with your dog, cracking open a cold one with the boys. (I had to)

Don’t be another sucker swindled into throwing your money away on this junk we are sold today. I recently bought three pairs of shorts from Walmart for about $60. They look great, fit well, and no one has noticed or made the slightest comment about where they were from. If you happen to find something of OUTSTANDING quality for a few dollars more then sure, make the investment.

Use your time and money to make you happy, not a consumer.

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