You are the company that you keep

Jim Rohn once said: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and he was right. Often times people will feel that they have been dealt a shitty hand in life and that it is not going the way they want it to. Have these people ever stopped to think about who they spend all their time with? Well, you are the company that you keep.

If you have out with five losers that are always complaining, always down on their luck, always blaming the next man for their problems, guess who the sixth loser is? There comes a point where you have to take personal responsibility and reevaluate who you are giving your time to. People that have no goals or ambitions in life tend to drag everyone else down with them.

If you have even the slightest desire to make a change for the better in your life, normally your friends should support you and possibly even help. More than likely however, if these are the people you surround yourself with then they are going to resent you for it. They will think you are putting on a facade or trying to be better than them. This is when you need to start slowly distancing yourself.

So what happens next…just be by yourself in the name of self improvement? Have no friends at all? Well yes, that is exactly what I am telling you to do. You need to start seeking others you can connect with on an intellectual and mentally stimulating level. Get out there and find like minded people who have the same ambition as you. 

Inevitably, you may run into posers or hucksters trying to sell you something. You have to do a bit of vetting before giving these new people more of your time. Ultimately, unless you change your social setting to people that share your values, you will be stuck spinning your wheels. You will feel a lack of mentally stimulating conversation and activity.

Social isolation is rarely ever the answer. If you choose not to go cold-turkey in your quest to find a new social group, at least wean off your current one. Is this an entirely honest approach? No it is not, but that’s a decision you’re going to have to make. Which is worse in the long run? Letting go of a few people you didn’t feel compatible with, or spending the rest of your days settling for one group in the name of spared feelings? 

You have billions of people out there you’ve never met. You never know what they might bring to your life, or you to theirs.

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Worthless Degree Awareness Month



For a while now I have been a listener of Aaron Clarey’s material, such as his blog and podcast. Today I would like to talk about worthless degree awareness month and how vital it is to perpetuate this message to today’s youth. In my recent post I spoke about how for many graduates, it was not entirely their fault for making this bad decision. I would like to delve deeper into this.

Far too many mid-twenty something’s are graduating this month five to six figures in student loan debt. Graduation is expected to be one of the proudest days of this young adults life. It is when they are finally putting all their hard work and years of schooling to the grind and stepping out into “the real world.” The question is, what percentage of these students are graduating with in-demand marketable skills and knowledge?

Worthless degree awareness month is not for those who have already graduated with liberal arts degrees. It is to warn the future generations of high school graduates to do their due diligence before applying to college.

Many feel pressured by their teachers, guidance counselors, and parents. They don’t have a full understanding of how much things have changed since they were in their twenties. It used to be that any college degree was considered “worthwhile” because far less people were actually attending university. I have a college degree was a selling point to it’s own merit.

In the modern world, the college market is saturated. Parents and society have pressured these young adults with no concept of the real world into making a hasty decision about choosing a major to spend the next four years of their life on.

They are not given adequate time to explore other things the world has to offer, not encouraged to travel and see where they might like to spend their newfound adulthood, not pushed towards any entrepreneurial endeavors they may have. Just simply hounded to “PICK A MAJOR, JUST PICK ANYTHING!” We can’t have little Jimmy making the family look bad to the neighbors and family! To hell with the repercussions.

The main problem here is that, most will find out when it’s too late. They will already have the debt, the worthless degree, and the utter lack of meaningful job prospects. So what can we still do? We can get the message out there to high schoolers who have not yet taken that plunge. It is too late for some, but not for all. The future generation does not have to be met with the same dismal prospects as ours.

We need to make these soon-to-be graduates aware of the fact that STEM fields, trades and entrepreneurial endeavors will be the better long term choice. It will also make your life a lot easier in the long run to do it right the first time. Even taking a year off out of high school to figure out a more concrete course of action and research job prospects will infinitely better.

If you have a loved one in high school I urge you to get them a copy of Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major by Aaron Clarey. I wish this book had been around when I was in high school. It will help out a lot of young adults. Spread the word about worthless degree awareness month.

Maybe just maybe, you’ll spare some poor kid from academia’s false promises.

Until next time – The Simple Bachelor

Also, check out Aaron Clarey’s blog:

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How Much Money Does A Bachelor Need To Live Off Of?

How much does a bachelor need?

A bachelor who only has his own well being to look after has an infinite amount of flexibility and options when it comes to money. You can work as hard or as little as you want, any time you want, and any way you want. Think of it as a blank slate.  What will you fill this slate with to make your life your own?

A single guy does not need a large dwelling. Hell, I wouldn’t even say I need a bedroom. You could find a studio apartment and get a futon that doubles as a couch and a bed. You don’t need a bunch of decor, trinkets, housewares, etc. as mentioned in my recent post. All that’s needed is a functional spartan dwelling that isn’t a health hazard. No fucking McMansions or large homes to worry about here, just a basecamp.


Studio Apartment: $500-1000/month (depending on where you live)


When you think about it, do you really need cable every month with all the garbage they put on TV and lies you hear on the news? Most of this, if not better content is starting to arise online which you can access from the internet or smartphone you probably are already paying for. 


Internet: $30-40 a month


In this day and age a smartphone is a very valuable tool and essential for a lot of daily operations. With one pocket supercomputer, you can consolidate a Phone, web browser, GPS, music player, and camera all into one device. Many people will say you don’t need one and it is an unnecessary expense. These are the people that write such comments from their smartphone. With the advancement of technology happening so rapidly, phone companies are clawing over each other for or business by offering very affordable plans and deals. Half of the work I do on this site alone is done from my phone. You CAN do without a phone but for the cost, are losing out on a very versatile device.


Cell Phone Bill: $40-80 / month


You don’t need an expensive car, just something that starts up and drives. You get a “an indestructible Jap-economy shitbox”  to quote John Goodman. No one cares what you are driving, but you sure as fuck care about how much it costs you every month. At most someone else will envy you for a little or even outright not like you for showing off. It’s not worth the monthly bill or the insurance on a new car. Pay cash or don’t bother.


Jap-economy Shitbox: $1000-2000

Not having a monthly car payment: Priceless  


One thing I’ve learned that will make you real broke real quick is eating out all the time. Most food at restaurants is garbage and overpriced. You are paying a lot extra for all that service,convenience, and experience. 

This is why I only ever use eating out as an occasional way to socialize. I never go to restaurants on my own or get overpriced shitty fast food. Get what you need for the week from a supermarket or wholesale store and find things that are inexpensive like rice, meat, potatoes, vegetables. Your body will thank you for putting more real food into it.


Weekly Food Bill: $50-70


Finally, every man needs a way to stay healthy and in shape through working out. Having a home gym with racks, barbells, weights, etc. is not always practical. Therefore, you may need to outsource this to a gym. The good news is, gyms are becoming increasingly affordable and offer a lot in the way of equipment. Retro Fitness is one chain gym I have used myself and my monthly membership cost about $20 a month. You’re in even better shape if you do a body weight routine. Buy a $20 pull up bar, or find a park with workout areas or bars you can use.


Fitness Cost: Free-$20 / month


Bachelor Grand Total: $1420 / Month


To put that into perspective – that amounts to approximately $355 a week. A minimum wage job making $10/hour for 40 hours a week would provide you enough to cover these costs. So how is it that we end up making way more than that and still end up in debt?

The answer is plain and simple: Unnecessary shit. Re-evaluate every thing you own and everything you plan to buy from this day forward. Is it going to make you happy to buy that fancy car? Is a Rolex going to change your life? Do all the new gadgets and distractions being put out by large companies need to be bought? Or….is knowing you can afford everything you need and not owe anyone SHIT more important? I think we know the answer to that.

Until next time – The Simple Bachelor

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5 Ways To Be More Succinct

It appears to me that a lot of blogs and ESPECIALLY Youtubers can not seem to get to the fucking point. They will ramble on about everything but what the title of the video says. They are not succinct.

This pisses off readers and people who come to YouTube looking to gain some nuggets of advice. No one wants to hear for 5 minutes about the unimportant details of what happened leading up to the advice they came to hear.

This is not limited to the online universe however. Many people tend to do this in person as well, beating around the bush of what they want to say or express. Does this sound like you? Well here are 5 ways you can be more succinct:

1. Gather Your Thoughts First

If you already know the points you want to make, give your best effort to consolidate what you want to say without adding unnecessary back story and irrelevant points. Make your thoughts clear and concise.

2. Speak Slower

We all know those people who talk a mile a minute, and try to fit as many details as possible whether they matter or not. This will end up sounding like word vomit and may not get your point across to the other person. If you find yourself fumbling your words, slow down your speech slightly. 

3. Stick To The Topic

When you go off topic from what you want to discuss, you drive further away from your point. You end up delving into another subject that had nothing to do with the original discussion and cause the other person to lose interest in the points you were making. Stay on track.

4. Speak Plainly

Easy-to-read sentences or plainly spoken ones tend to sit better with people. It becomes clear what you are talking about, and makes them understand you. If a “big word” will consolidate your sentence then by all means, use it. Just remember that a sentence delivered plainly is a sentence delivered best.

5. Don’t Volunteer Extra Information

If someone really wants to know more, they will ask. Give them the chance to take in what you are saying and see if they fully understand it first. When you volunteer extra information outside of your direct topic, you may also tell the other person something you shouldn’t have. Give the other person the opportunity to provide feedback on what you are saying so you can fine-tune your response.

Practice these 5 things and you’ll be on your way to being succinct and concise.

Until next time – The Simple Bachelor

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Why Your Brand Name Items Are A Waste Of Money

I would like to think that as time goes by, more people would start catching on to the fact that it doesn’t matter what brand name of clothing you have on or how much you paid for those “Beats” headphones. Stores sell us these overpriced brand name items that are manufactured for pennies on the dollar and sold back to us as some sort of status symbol.

The fact of the matter is, NO ONE CARES what you are wearing or what company your gadgets or accessories came from. Most people are too worried about themselves or their own lives to worry about these trivial things. We are told by media companies and advertisements that if we buy “their” brand of product, people will like us better.

What a load of bullshit. Not once in all my years, has the brand of an item or the price I paid EVER made a difference to other people. Only stupidly to myself. What does this illusion cause people to do? Screw themselves over.

It coerces people into paying exorbitant prices for something they couldn’t afford in the first place, all on the idea that they will project a certain image once they obtain it and show it off. If you are filthy rich or have “fuck you” money then by all means, buy the overpriced crap. Conversely, if you are worried about the next cell phone bill being late or wondering how you are going to eat you probably should be overhauling your priorities.

Don’t allow yourself to be sucked in by the false song of advertisements and status. You’re going to make yourself poor, miserable, and fail to achieve whatever you thought was going to happen after buying it. Novelty does in fact wear off rather quickly and buyers remorse is very real.

I have been there before. I have bought expensive shoes, sunglasses, electronics, even cars, and ya know what? None of those things made the slightest difference in my happiness. Stop thinking that you need these things, you don’t.

What will indefinitely make you happier is all free. The company of friends and loved ones, a hike with your best friends, playing  fetch with your dog, cracking open a cold one with the boys. (I had to)

Don’t be another sucker swindled into throwing your money away on this junk we are sold today. I recently bought three pairs of shorts from Walmart for about $60. They look great, fit well, and no one has noticed or made the slightest comment about where they were from. If you happen to find something of OUTSTANDING quality for a few dollars more then sure, make the investment.

Use your time and money to make you happy, not a consumer.

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