Is a Worthless Degree Your Fault?

Is it your fault?


I’ve noticed a lot of people in outrage lately as their student loans are coming due. They are unable to pay them back because the jobs they are working out of college do not reflect the importance and the pay scale they had imagined while still in school. A huge problem now exists as we have surpassed 1 trillion in student loan debt.

 It’s easy to blame these young, naive people for “majoring in a stupid degree” but why don’t we ever think about the way higher education is set up in the first place? An 17 year old student in high school has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they want to do for a living when they get older. They have zero concept of the job market. They are unaware of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and what their degree may be able to land them.

Pressing a bunch of 17 year old kids, wet behind the ears and no concept of the real world is what got us into this mess in the first place. These young (still) children have never even worked a real job in their lives nor have they been in any career related environment. They are barred from any jobs in their desired field because every company now requires a bachelors or higher just to get an entry level job.

So now these young, inexperienced, pressured kids are obligated to go into debt, a debt which can never be resolved by bankruptcy or false promises by government programs. They ultimately choose a major they are “interested in” without any education of return on investment. They go to a college with an egregious tuition price for “the college experience” and live in this artificial environment for four years where they are told by their professors to “follow your dreams and the money will follow..!”

Four years later they are six figures in debt. All because they weren’t educated about the realities of economics. All because they were never informed about the job market. All because predatory loan companies have everything to gain from charging interest and fees on said loans. These young kids will never have any gainful employment, credit or money for retirement. The tax payer will be responsible for helping pay these loans back. 

We major in dumb things because we are sold a dream. Sold a lie. In the end, no one benefits. We need to reach those in high school while we can to stop the bleeding and help them make wiser choices. When you leave decision making and accountability of the future to a naive 17 year old well, you get what we have now.

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