The Top 5 Things You Should Cut Out Of Your Life Right Now

The Top 5 Things You Should Cut Out Of Your Life Right Now

Right now, you probably have a few things to cut out of your life. We buy things we can’t afford, work extra hours and shifts to pay for them, and end up unable to really enjoy them. We let people linger around in our lives that should have been exiled years ago. People work at places they hate because we rely on that weekly paycheck and can’t afford a misstep.

In this post I am going to share with you 5 things I have, or plan to cut out of my life to as soon as possible. These will make it a hell of a lot easier to start living a simple bachelor life.

The Top 5 Things You Should Cut Out Of Your Life:

1. A Car You Cannot Afford

If there’s one person who knows about car ownership having a stranglehold on their finances, it’s me. I have financed, leased, and owned vehicles and the only time I was happy with the decision was when I paid cash for a cheap car. The feeling of not having that never-ending expensive monthly car bill and forced full coverage insurance was a great thing.

Financing and (especially) leasing means signing away your money and choices made with the vehicle to a large extent. When you finance you will typically have a large monthly payment accompanied by a crippling insurance bill depending on where you live. Once paid off, you will own a vehicle that has maybe half of its value left after bearing the full cost.

Leasing is no better and possibly the worst choice. Mileage caps, wear and tear surcharges, mandatory high coverage insurance. At the end the car must be handed in to start the whole process over again (after getting raked over the coals a little in fees). Almost no one should be leasing a car.

The best choice is to pay cash for the best running hoopdi you can find. No one gives a flying fuck what you are driving. Not once have I ever possessed a nice vehicle where the minor comments received were worth the astronomical monthly bill. he person who cares the most will be YOU when said bill comes. If that car is putting you in a bind, ditch it as soon as possible and get whatever you can in cash that still drives.

2. A Job You Hate


I know what you’re going to say, hear me out. Most of us cannot afford to just pick up and leave our current jobs. We live in a paycheck to paycheck world and have to keep up with the Joneses, feed our families, and buy a bunch of shit off amazon we think we need but we don’t.

Some things are unavoidable expenses such as food and shelter. Fine….but let me ask you something, do you truly believe there is nothing else out there? Is this really the only job available for your skills? Have you even attempted to find another job or a way out? Or are you just trapped inside an imaginary mental prison?

I let this happen to me once in my life. I worked at the same place for approximately 5 years and every day I dreaded it more than the last. Luckily I had decent co workers, but we all worked under the same manager. Every day was another conquest to see who did something wrong and who could be made an example of to appease upper management.

Even on a perfectly productive day there was belittlement, accusations, and scolding. HR is rarely ever helpful in these situations where it’s your word v.s. a manager so you end up eating shit every day. One day something just clicked in my head. I don’t remember exactly what event sparked it but I realized the only person keeping me there was me. I furiously began applying to other jobs and interviewing whenever possible.

About 2 months later I was on my way to the next employer. To this date, it was the best decision I ever made. It only took 5 years of “feeling” trapped to make this happen. Yes, you’re going to need to save up about a month’s worth of living expenses to transition, but it is WELL worth the sacrifice and mental health.

3. Overpriced Clothing/Accessories

A lot of people will have mixed opinions about “quality” when it comes to the price tag of their clothes but let’s be honest for a moment, they are just trying to justify over paying for a garment you can purchase for a third of the price. When you buy expensive clothes, you are paying for a brand name. You are paying 3 times as much to essentially be a walking advertisement.

Is that $70 Lacoste polo any different from the $20 one at H&M? Does anyone care that it’s brand name? Do you? Most likely not. I never understood people’s obsession with band name clothing. Not once have I ever seen someone complimented because of the little logo on their clothing.

We have this irrational fear that others are going to judge us for not buying brand name things when in reality, they are most likely worrying about their own lives and not what your shirt or shoes say on them. Don’t let advertisements trick you into urgency thinking. If you can find something similar for much cheaper, go for it.

4. People You Dont Like


This isn’t possible in every single environment. Sometimes you have to work with people or clients you don’t like, that’s just reality. I am talking about the people you voluntarily keep around in fear of hurting their feelings for cutting them off. Does spending time with them always feel like a chore? When this person calls or texts you do you think twice about answering?

You have to realize there’s an opportunity cost of your own time for spending it appeasing this person. You have one finite life and you’re going to waste it with someone you don’t want to be around? It will be like ripping off a band-aid at first but people can and will move on. Almost no one person that I have cut off has ever attempted to come back and if they did, I made sure it was clear the door was not open.

You are in complete control of who you associate with. Some may run into trouble if this person is part of your group of mutual friends. In that case, if your friends seem to always stick up for this person and never you or allow that person to speak ill of you, it is probably time for a new group of friends anyway.

At work this is going to be unavoidable. You could love your job and your boss but will have that one co-worker that you wish were not working there. Your only option here is to think about what’s more important, your good job or this person’s bullshit? Remain polite and keep interactions to the bare minimum to accomplish your tasks at work. There is no reason to let this person raise your blood pressure.

5. Self Doubt

This is possibly the most important thing to cut out of your life. I know this because I have struggled with it for years and still do to an extent these days. It has gotten much better. Self doubt is the root of being unproductive and unnecessarily stressed out. The funny thing about self-doubt is that the problems or the mindset you have is probably self-inflicted.

You’re worried about your body… have you done EVERYTHING you can to exercise, change your diet, and remain consistent? You want a better paying job, have you done EVERYTHING in your power to skill up and aggressively seek employers? You are afraid to talk to girls for fear of rejection, have you TRIED talking to someone every time you go out to get better?

The funny thing about self-doubt is that we can’t grasp the fact that it is all in our heads. All holding us back and creating an imaginary force field from reaching any type of excellence. It plagues one’s mind day in and day out. It has us question our self-worth and ponder why we just can’t have it like others out there.

I have to disclose that this is not a stab at people who have genuine depression. For the majority of us however, we know damn well that it is just a fear we have in our heads of trying to do something new and put the effort in. The sooner you are able to cut it out of your life the more easily things will come to you.

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