How To Build Your Own Website Without All The Headache

As a minimalist, I am always looking for ways to consolidate and minimize my tasks so I have more time for other things. It used to be that when you wanted to build your own website, the process was far from minimal. When I first started making websites in 2014, I didn’t have a whole […]

be more decisive

5 Reasons You Should Be More Decisive

You may have read the title of this post and thought to yourself: “I already have a pretty good idea of what I like! What do you mean be more decisive?” Every single day we face a number of important decisions. Each decision will affect you in some way. What you order for dinner will […]

american dream

How The “American Dream” Is A Modern Nightmare

The American dream. A house in the suburbs, two children, two cars, and maybe a family dog. It’s the image that’s been seared into the American consciousness via countless television shows: Happy Days, Leave it to Beaver, etc. The desire continues to run strong in the American landscape. Anybody who has married friends can attest […]

4 Things We Can All Appreciate Today

We have an astounding amount of things we should appreciate today. It’s easy to look back and feel bad about all that’s been happening around the world and of the social realities that we are currently facing. We tend to dwell on the negative aspects of life, but I think it’s important for us to […]

12 Ways You Can Save Money and Stop Being Broke as a Joke

Can’t Save Money? Do you check your bank balance and wonder where all the money goes? Does it feel like it all goes out as soon as it comes in and you just can’t save money? If you are strapped for cash or are looking for ways to save more money, consider choosing a minimalistic […]

Grubhub vs Postmates – Guest Post On Steves Income Streams

Check out my first guest post on Steves Income Streams! I discuss Grubhub vs Postmates as a side hustle. Steves Income Streams is a great blog for anyone looking for personal finance and income stream advice. Check out my post and Steve’s blog: Grubhub vs Postmates as a Side Hustle Subscribe to the mailing list for […]

Why You Should Throw Away Half Your Stuff

GET RID OF IT ALL!   I used to be somewhat of a hoarder. I would buy more and more things I didn’t need in the first place and the crap would just keep piling up. Even some items I already had would be accompanied by a new or better version of it. These things […]

What To Do After High School When You Have No Idea What To Do

If you have just graduated High School you probably have a few questions about what is next. Some of you may already have a college and a major picked out, others may have no plan at all. The good news is, as long as nothing is paid for yet you are still in good shape. […]

How To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have a lot on your plate in life right now, and want to start cutting out all of the crap. This post will go over the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle and how you can start making the right changes. The idea […]

Don’t Help People Who Won’t Help Themselves

One of the most frustrating things a lot of us come across in life is resistance when we try to lend a genuine helping hand. This normally comes from people who won’t help themselves. We’ve all been in a situation where we know someone who is displaying self-destructive tendencies. They continue down the same path […]